Appraisals Department

Appraisals Department

E.G.A., European Gemological Appraisals, is a sister company and an exclusive consultant to GWLAB.

E.G.A. offers evaluation services for gemological reports, issued by GWLAB laboratories, for diamonds, colored stones and mounted jewelry. The evaluation and certification work is carrying out by E.G.A. senior gemologist appraisers with the assistance of expert consultants within the trade and leading gem-pricing systems.

Inspecting a jewelry at EGA laboratory
Inspecting a piece of jewelry at EGA laboratory

The EGA appraisal reports are recognized worldwide and are being used as official documents for acquisition reliability checks, inheritance or attached (by a lien) items assessments, identification and grading, and valuations.

E.G.A. customers include police investigators, the court system, executors, receivers, insurance appraisers and members of the general public.

E.G.A. evaluation services include several valuation offerings:

  • Retail replacement value - The most popular evaluation report, used for insurance purposes.
  • Wholesale replacement value - Mainly used for reselling.
  • Fair market value - Mainly used for reselling of jewelry components after dismantling.
  • Liquidation Value - Mainly used for liquidation and receivership cases.

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